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Tracy GranzykAn experienced content creator for healthcare organizations and an aspiring screenwriter, Tracy Granzyk most often points the lens of her professional storytelling directly at patients and healthcare providers who have been harmed by the very system professing to protect both sides of the care giving encounter. Of focus most recently is the pervasive issue of health disparities, and crafting solutions through stories that build bridges and connection, working to acknowledge differences so all can truly appreciate the many similarities that unite us all. Generation of ideas is rarely an issue, and spit balling is considered a favorite sport! Her working screenplay, The Insurance Man, is based on a true event that took the life of her grandfather in 1967 during a robbery in a west side Chicago housing project. She is also working on a serial dramedy set in the medical field and inspired by the multiple award-winning crime drama Dexter, which she hopes will fill the gaping hole left for fans when the Showtime series ended. Most importantly, Tracy is the cool aunt to three of the coolest nieces and nephew ever. She is convinced this is the decade, if not the year, for her Chicago Cubs, and she frequently Skypes with her yellow lab, Patch, when on the road. Tracy feels fortunate to be a part of the UCR MFA writing community, and looks forward to meeting new friends and getting her butt kicked by writers with far more “real world” experience.