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Tonya Burton has nearly always identified as a writer.  Due to a peripatetic childhood, she recognized early that all human interaction is story. She learned that the key for communicating information to other people is finding and presenting the best assemblage of story elements. For her, story became a way of understanding life when it seemed incapable of interpretation. As an adult, throughout the years, Tonya has been employed in writing reviews of books, plays and performances. Most recently, she has been a weekly social columnist for The Current, a local newspaper. She has also interviewed national celebrities, athletes and local politicians for Current cover stories.  Her other vocation has been somoto-emotional release, in other words, releasing stories that no longer serve us, from the body, within a wholistic framework.  Her published works have primarily been reviews and short stories, with favorable attention to an unproduced screenplay. She has attended numerous seminars and workshops in screenwriting. Her adult life has included living in various towns in Indiana, as well as, Chicago, Jupiter, Florida and San Francisco. She returned to school later in life to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Humanities from Indiana University. Tonya retains her life-long passion for stories, whatever form they take.