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Tom GWhen Tom Gianakopoulos isn’t writing about himself in the 3rd person, he is usually spending too much time on Instagram, or he’s at his favorite cafe reading the book review section of the New York Times (so many books, so little time). Whichever activity he’s engaged in, it’s a given that he’s also drinking too much coffee.  His preference for an explicit writing style may have something to do with being born in Brooklyn and raised in the cultural hornet’s nest that is New Jersey. He’s worked in the realms of documentary, advertising, higher education, and even tried his hand as an aerial tent cleaner for Cirque Du Soleil (cleaning the top of the big top). He received his undergraduate degree from Emerson College in Boston, and even spent a few months at the University of Iowa during a summer session of the Writers’ Workshop.  He currently lives and works in Los Angeles with his wife, Yukari.