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Shaun Sanders

Born in New Zealand in 1960, Shaun spent the first twenty years of his life there. Raised in a theatre family, he had ideas of being a performer and, to some extent, he realized those ideas as a musician, couch surfing around the globe. After working, as he describes it, “a million crappy jobs because that’s what happens when you’re a self taught musician,” he returned to school, attending Los Angeles Valley College in 2005 before transferring to UCSB. He completed an undergrad English degree at UCSB, and then a Master’s in Education at the same place, with an emphasis in teaching Literacy and Composition. Finding a love of language equivalent to his love of music, Shaun currently teaches basic writing at Santa Barbara City College as an adjunct. He still gigs around Santa Barbara occasionally and, to maintain musical development,  studies Flamenco guitar in his spare time. Shaun is also a keen sailor, taking his 22ft sailboat out on Santa Barbara bay whenever possible.