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Sarah Brogren currently lives on the Central Coast of California. Not a California native, she was born in northern Illinois and grew up surrounded by family and enjoyed making weekly visits to the local Swedish bakery with her grandparents. During the summer before her fourth-grade year, her family made the first of many interstate moves; this time to Virginia. Stops in South Carolina and Kansas followed with a final stop in California 15 years ago. Her college career was as all over the map as her childhood, as she attended five colleges and declared seven majors before finally deciding to pursue a subject she was really excited and passionate about:  English. The power of story and language combined with a love of analyzing to uncover greater meaning drew her to complete a BA and MA in the subject with the aim of becoming a college professor, but ultimately, she decided to pursue a job outside of education. She now has a day job in an administrative capacity for a local wealth management office. Outside of work, Sarah enjoys spending time with her family and friends and activities such as traveling, playing and watching sports, going to the movies, reading a good book, drinking lattes, and taking advantage of being so close to wine country. Sarah is excited to get started in the MFA program continue pursuing a career that marks a return to her passion—the power of story—through writing screenplays.