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Monica MainMonica S. Main is starting her first year at UCR in the Palm Desert Creative Writing MFA Program.  She is planning to graduate in December 2016 with an MFA in Creative Writing. Monica started writing her first screenplays in her freshman year of high school.  Within only a couple of years, she had 11 completed feature screenplays.  Unfortunately, when one is young, there isn’t enough life experience to adequately inject into a story to make it complete.  This would be the time when Monica decided to press the pause button on screenwriting to focus on becoming an entrepreneur whereas she’s built several multi-million-dollar businesses starting from scratch.  Now, at the young age of 40 and with plenty of valuable life experience under her belt, she is now ready to fully embrace pursuing a career in writing starting with earning her MFA degree at UCR Palm Desert. Monica is divorced, has a 6-year-old daughter, and lives in Santa Clarita, California where she runs 2 highly successful mail order businesses.