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Lincoln CastellanosLincoln is a resident of Hollywood, Ca, and was born and raised in Indio, CA (The Coachella Valley). In 2006 he moved to LA after high school to study Theater at UCLA. After graduating with a B.A. from their prestigious school of Theater, Film, & Television in 2010, he moved out from Westwood to be closer to Hollywood and the many job opportunities for film and tv. After signing with Abrams Artists Agency, he’s continued to pursue his acting goals, which include booking a guest spot on a tv show (CBS’s “The Mentalist”), joining a theatre company in LA (Theatre 68, in North Hollywood), and working on short films (“Squared Circle Love Triangle”, USC) and a web series project (“Trailer Trash Apocalypse”, in development). Writing is another passion Lincoln has embraced, finding more and more inspiration to create original work after living in LA for 7 years. He garnered experience with directing and editing through his tv studio job at UCLA, but the writing aspect of the work stuck with him more.

This resulted in writing short films at college, and more recently, writing scenes to workshop in his theatre company, including a one-act for submission into the company’s annual play festival. Lincoln is thrilled to finally put his writing skills to the ultimate test, and looks forward to the 2 year journey with UCR’s Graduate Program in Creative Writing.  He owes a great deal of thanks and gratitude to his loving parents and brothers, all of whom have continued to encourage him in reaching for the best that life has to offer, and to never give up on dreaming big.