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Arturo Urrutia

When he was five years old, Arturo Urrutia got lost in the fresh trenches of Tijuana when his neighborhood was getting its first sewer system. His uncles never sent him to buy beer again because he lost the money. Two years later a lifeguard resuscitated him after finding him at the bottom of a swimming pool. His father spanked him for sneaking into the hotel swimming pool. His older sister once smashed his head against an Aztec statue in Mexico City, scarring his right ear for life. Many years later, Arturo married a wonderful lady named Martha; they have two wonderful kids and live an almost perfect life in San Diego, California. When National Geographic published a picture of Arturo Urrutia’s former Tijuana neighborhood in an article about the horrors of the planet, his mother asked, “Did they get us naked?” Arturo answered, “No, but they got the window of pop’s shop.” That’s about all the highlights in his life, so far.