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Kathernine Kiefer-NewmanKatherine Kiefer-Newman, PhD, is just your average middle-aged, middle-class college professor who spends most days bopping from one to the other of the two colleges where she teaches. She loves and is generally beloved by her students, spending extra time helping them understand composition, critical thinking, philosophy, folklore & fairytales, religious concepts, and anything else she can convince her colleges to let her teach. People often comment how pleasant, affable, and kind she is and she is always pleased with these compliments. If only they realized that under that gentle smile is a person who has read far too much about serial killers, spree killers, watches more B horror than might be considered healthy, and can excitedly explain to other Gen Xers what Creepy Pasta is and why Slenderman is the millennials’ anti-hero of choice. If one makes the mistake of talking to her long enough she might casually reference Soylent Green, headhunters, why vampires should never sparkle, how Frankenstein’s monster was really just misunderstood, and other things that tend to confuse (maybe even worry) her audience. Back in her high school days, when the other 80s girls were spraying Aqua Net on their enormous hair and ironing their little, white OP shorts, when those other girls were dreaming of becoming ingenues and manic-pixie-dreamgirls, Kat longed to be the final girl, the scream queen who killed the masked murderer and saved the town from chaos and mayhem by kicking…ahem. Perhaps this is why she used to read the original Grimms’ fairytales to her daughters, and could be bribed to allow one or both of her daughters to stay up for an episode of X-Files or Buffy (who wants to watch those alone, anyway). Whatever the case, books should never be judged by their covers, as the old adage goes.