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Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Jim Stewart is a retired Navy captain who spent much of the past thirty years sailing around Asia and the Pacific Ocean. During his former career, he commanded a ship and lived in a number of different places, including Germany, Japan, and Hawaii. This background should serve him well in his writing career. He recently received a B.A. in English from National University, his second undergraduate degree. He has many interests, among them art, classical music, film, philosophy, martial arts, true crime, and the history of Renaissance Europe. Although he is equally interested in writing novels and screenplays, his present goal is to combine his two literary passions—popular non-fiction and literary fiction—to write and publish a creative non-fiction book. Jim lives in San Diego with his lovely wife Maryann and silly twelve-year-old son Boris. He could not be more pleased to be a part of the UC Riverside MFA program.