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Grace Jasmine1My name is Grace Jasmine.  After beginning my career as an actor, I wrote and produced a (very) off-off Broadway musical in New York while still in my 20s. After a stint in the corporate sector as a recruiter, I began to write, first for business publications, and then spending the majority of my writing career as a nonfiction book author. I am a published nonfiction author with 47 books in print on a variety of subjects, most in the educational resource, parenting, how-to, and retail trade markets. A couple of years ago I decided that writing nonfiction wasn’t feeding my soul. I knew I needed to tell stories I knew rather than describe the pieces of an application or software. A major catalyst in this change was the unexpected death of my brother while bodysurfing with his son in Balboa, California. His death was a wakeup call for me. I realized I needed to create what my heart and soul needed. I started to write fiction. Since then I have written an unpublished novel and two plays. One of which, The Lover—A Tale of Obsessive Love, was premiered at the Lonnie Chapman Theatre in North Hollywood in June, 2014. I have also completed the book for a new musical loosely based on the Frankenstein story called Skin Deep with Ron Barnett, composer. For the theatrical portion of my writing career I have studied at ANMT and New Musicals, Inc., in Los Angeles, CA. I have recently written and pitched a screenplay, Rescue Me, which is an adaptation of my unpublished novel by the same name. I am eager to work toward an MFA to bring the discipline and education to my career that I believe will propel me forward as a screenwriter, playwright, and novelist. I hold a B.S. in Business Management from the University of Redlands. I live in the Phoenix metro area.