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David MartinezDavid Martinez has a hard time staying in one place. Since his mother is Brazilian, he has dual citizenship between the United States and Brazil. As a teenager he lived in Bayamón and Dorado in Puerto Rico. He has also lived in São Paulo and Fortaleza in Brazil, and between Idaho, Florida, Arizona and Utah in the United States. He currently lives in downtown Salt Lake City. David earned his BA in English Creative Writing, with a minor in History, from Arizona State University. He writes fiction, non-fiction and poetry, and hopes to get into screenwriting. While at ASU, David unofficially interned for Hayden’s Ferry Review, where he wrote for their blog. Some of his fiction and non-fiction pieces have placed in a few local and national competitions. He takes inspiration from all types of art. As a teenager he would skip class to thumb through Dali or Klimt art books at the library. He grew up reading everything he could find and he loves all kinds of music from Talking Heads to Tom Waits to Bach to Raul Seixas.