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Bhagavan Jalli began in a small town in South India. Due to the cultural pressure, he went to engineering school even though his heart was in making art. As a result, he ended up doing neither art nor engineering well. Later, (after dropping out from engineering school) he picked up journalism as a career. Whatever little art he learnt on his own helped him get a job in the newspapers as an editorial cartoonist. In about 6 years, life took over and the pay checks from the newspaper failed to keep up. Ironically, this time, whatever little engineering he learnt helped him to transition to an upcoming field called user interface design. This new discipline needed people who understand both art and engineering. After that, Bhagavan spent about 25 years in the software industry. When the existential crisis hit him, for once he wanted to make a clear choice of returning to art. He sees the UCR MFA as a bridge to cross back to that imaginary world. Art making is a vague but pleasant memory from his boyhood. He aspires to write screenplays and make films.