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Anthony Williams was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and has lived in Tempe, Arizona for ten years. He recently graduated from Arizona State University in Film and Media Studies, with a focus on Screenwriting. It’s quite the career transition, because he worked in the industrial field for almost twenty years. However, after advancing throughout technical and administrative capacities, he was still far from being happy and fulfilled. He enjoys exercising, watching movies, creative writing and storytelling, science fiction, and spending time with his twelve year old son. He’s enjoyed writing ideas and premises for stories and films for over a decade, and his imagination continues to roam the universe for more to ponder. He loves science fiction because of its ability as a medium to intriguingly provide discourse for a range of human, environmental, sociopolitical, and technological issues. He is currently working on a screenplay and considers the UCR MFA as an opportunity to fulfill his dream and advance as a screenwriter and a storyteller.