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Anne-Liisa Larks is a girl just trying to make it in this cruel cruel world. She feels very passionately about all the foods and all the wines. Though she has a particular penchant for blood hued stuff. Talk about life-force. She often hears it through the grapevines themselves. It disconcerts her at times. Talking grapes and vines – but, hey, what can you do? She has done some stuff and some junk and is currently working on this-and-that. She generally is interested in everything, tends to want to do it all, and almost always over-extends herself. Before you ask, she has in fact lived on a prayer (or at least a couple of people she knows have.) Anne-Liisa feels a bit like Anne Hathaway/Sally Field at the Oscars but is hoping that her writerly insecurities just give her a “cool” aloofness like her husband had when they first met. It is anticipation of this “coolness” she is considering purchasing a beret. Perhaps a second hand one of a raspberry shade. Anne-Liisa is currently highly addicted to oxygen and is looking to kick the habit before the semester begins, lest the addiction take over. Also she is pretty sure that after she is able to adequately lose her breath, she, Bey, Blue, J, and the rest of D-Child will definitely kick it and have mirror self dance offs. Can you keep up?