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Ajit DuttaAjit S. Dutta was born in Jamshedpur, India, but for most of his adult life has lived outside India.  He lived in London where he obtained a chartered accountancy degree and worked for one of the Big 8 accounting firms; in the Sultanate of Oman on a temporary posting for two years; and, came to the US in 1979 where he now lives in the metropolitan DC area. For about 25 years Ajit owned and ran an international management consultancy firm with offices in Cairo, Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, Gaborone, Port au Prince and Delhi. He and his wife, Bonnie Galat, recently completed an 18 month stay in Paris: she was working for the World Bank and he was happily exploring Paris. Ajit is writing a blog about that experience although, regrettably, it is an after-the-fact blog. He is an amateur photographer and has held several exhibitions. He enjoys food, therefore, he also enjoys cooking. Ajit has a special love for music, especially Urdu ghazals and Sufi music. He published a book of poems, “A Father’s Poems,” about his two daughters, Danielle (now at USC) and Nikki (at Dickinson), and has read his works many times in the DC area, Delhi, and Paris.