Our students come from all walks of life, have published books, stories, essays, and poems. They’ve produced films and plays and television shows. They are also actors, doctors, lawyers, pool cleaners, teachers, dog-walkers, painters, file clerks, professors, real estate agents…and…and…well, and every other job you might imagine. In short, they are a lot like you. UCR is regularly ranked as one of the most diverse universities in the nation, both for undergraduate and graduate study. Historically, the student body of the Low Residency MFA has been about 65% female and 35% male, comprised of about 30% BIPOC, and with an average age of about 39.  The university is dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion and is committed to the urgent, sustained, and comprehensive work of creating a campus climate of mutual respect and communal vision.

While we do not accept international students at this time, our students do come from all over the world — the benefit of the Low Residency MFA is that you can receive a University of California education no matter where you live — and that means we have students who’ve lived in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America…and of course, all over the United States. A great number of our students have also been current and ex-military.

If you are interested in applying, we would be happy to put you into contact with a current student or alum to chat about the program. Simply contact us at or at 760-834-0926.

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