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After careers in journalism and public relations, Laura Jo Brunson began chasing disasters as a FEMA Reservist. Since 2009, she’s been helping survivors recover from natural catastrophes like hurricanes, floods and tornadoes, as well as man made problems, like the recent national flood insurance debacle. Her first career job was education reporter and lifestyle editor for The Fernandina Beach News Leader, followed by copy editor for The Florida Times-Union and then managing editor of the Jacksonville Business Journal. Leaving journalism, Laura Jo became an accredited public relations professional to help companies tell the truth while preserving their brand. In 2014, Arcadia Publishing released Legendary Locals of Jacksonville, a local history book Laura Jo co-wrote with her youngest daughter. She is ghostwriting a political memoir about a visionary who worked for JFK and President Johnson, and is rewriting her first novel. She is ready to take her writing to the national level. Laura Jo holds a B.A. in literature and communications from the University of North Florida. She and her husband, Drew, live with a cat and a Jack Russell rescue named Nike (who, it turns out, rescued them). They are attempting to live happily ever after in Jacksonville.