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  1. Do I have to go to everything? No. It would be impossible, as you’ll see. There will be approximately 35 faculty or guest lectures/seminars offered, plus nightly panels/discussions, not all of which are going to be of interest to you, depending upon your genre of choice, expertise and level of complete exhaustion. In essence, the lectures and readings make up the contact hours of your literature component in both your major and cross-genre, so, to be technical, you should attend at least 10 of them. We’d like you to attend all of them that you find compelling, since, well, you’re paying for them and there will be something to be gained from each of them. But you’re adults. We trust we’ll see you at least 10 different times. All students must attend orientation and new students are required to attend new student orientation.
  2. Okay, but what do I absolutely have to go to? Specifically?  Your genre workshops and your cross-genre workshops. 10 lectures/seminars.
  3. What is there to eat? Breakfast & lunch are provided. There will be free coffee and snacks in our office each day. There are several dining choices at the Rancho Las Palmas for dinner – including room service, the main restaurant and the various bars and cafes which provide bar food faire. Menus have been provided for you in your welcome packet. Remember: all food and beverage you purchase at the hotel will be given a discount.  In addition, there are several restaurants within walking distance from the hotel at the River shopping complex.  You will be provided with a list of restaurants that are nearby that are affordable for dinner and there will be a person in the office who would be happy to set up group dining excursions. Please note: if you have a spouse/friend/guest stay with you and you’d like them to eat with you, you will be charged a per day fee that will be charged to your room.
  4. Do I need to bring my computer? We consider the residency a time to learn, not a time to write, so there won’t be any assignments per se apart from exercises in class. We will have computers and printers in the office, but only a few, so if you wish to stay connected to your email, a laptop is not a bad idea. There is free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. Bring a book to read by the pool.
  5. What do I need to bring? Clothes. It will be hot during the day – the 90s are normal, sometimes it gets up into the 100s. The evenings are also warm. Your classrooms are usually quite cool. The fanciest restaurants in the desert let people in with shorts and t-shirts in June, so dress as you wish. People tend to dress up for graduation.
  6. How do I get there from the airport? The hotel is just fifteen minutes from the Palm Springs Airport. A taxi from the airport will be about $35. If you’re flying into LA, depending upon traffic, expect a two-to-three hour drive. If you’re flying into Ontario, expect a 90 minute drive. All attendees receive a $50 resort credit to help offset this fee.
  7. How much is parking?  Self-parking is free.
  8. What will my room be like? All the rooms are exceptionally nice. If you haven’t looked yet, take a gander at the Rancho Las Palmas website. If, however, you arrive at the hotel and find that your room is not to your liking, the hotel is excellent about changing rooms. If there’s a persistent problem, let Agam know and he’ll make sure you’re taken care of.
  9. Do I need a rental car? No. Plenty of your classmates will be driving in from Southern California and will be happy to drive you places. Really. We promise. You’ll all be getting along like one big happy family. Plus, if you tend towards the anti-social, the hotel is walking distance to restaurants and entertainment.
  10. Will I be able to buy books? Yes. We’ll have a bookseller on-site from Sunday-Friday, with Thursday off.
  11. What if I need…: There will be a staff member in the office every day during the residency who can help you with whatever your problems might be.