Degree Requirements: Screenwriting

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Throughout the program students are expected to complete  several scripts along with an intensive critical study of film or TV.

Screenwriting majors complete:

  • A thesis that will be either:
    • A full feature script (approximately 100 pages).
    • Two one-hour spec television scripts (approximately 50-60 pages each), generally a pilot and first episode.
    • Four half-hour television scripts (approximately 30 pages each), generally a pilot and three subsequent episodes.
  • An extensive study of the craft of screenwriting, including viewing several films and/or TV shows, reading several scripts each month, and reading critical and analytical books on the craft of screenwriting. Typically this is equivalent to 15-20 films/scripts & books per quarter
  • All students lecture during their final residency on a topic relevant to their course of study as part of their Professional Development curriculum. Topic will reflect course of study, creative work or area of interest and usually be reflective of their cumulative critical papers.
  • All students will write three longer critical essays — two 10 page papers and one 20 page paper — based on an area of interest in their cumulative readings, creative work and outside study.
    • These will be assigned by your professors.