Degree Requirements: Non-Fiction

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MF.A. students emphasizing in nonfiction are expected to compile a significant amount of both creative and academic writings, and are encouraged to finish a full manuscript.

Nonfiction majors complete:

  • A thesis work with a minimum of 120 pages (though we encourage our students to complete a full manuscript, which is typically in excess of 200 pages).
    • This manuscript can be a memoir, essay collection, creative nonfiction, single-or-multi topic examination or historical work.
    • All genres and forms are welcome.
  • An extensive study of craft and literature — approximately 10–15 books per quarter and several critical papers a month
    • Accompanied by extensive lectures both online and during residency.
    • Reading list devised in consultation with your professor based on the literature directly related to your creative aims.
  • All students lecture during their final residency on a topic relevant to their course of study as part of their Professional Development curriculum.
  • Each student writes three longer critical works — two 10-page papers and one 20-page paper — based on an area of interest in their cumulative readings, creative work and outside study.