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bestsmall…or a the very least, she’s been selected as one of the writers of the short-shorts of the years, in Best Small Fictions 2015, out now. And here’s a sterling review which further elucidates the point:

There are dozens of stand-outs, but if I had to choose favorites, they would be:

#3: “A Notice from the Office of Reclamation” by J. Duncan Wiley. A public service announcement forbidding the exploration of abandoned mines becomes eerily personal: “We know this urge, know how strong and primal and erotically charged it is.”

#2: “The Lunar Deep” by David Mellerick Lynch. A man slipping into senility turns to astronomical and natural history research. The language in this one is amazing: “as his wits weighed anchor” and “the moon’s frail shirked husk.”

#1: My overall favorite is “Something Overheard” by Yennie Cheung. “You” (thanks to the second-person narration) hear your unapproachable Eastern-European neighbor weeping through the wall and realize you’re not so dissimilar after all.

Short stories are best when they freeze such moments of shared humanity. “A small fiction is a lone wolf of a lie,” as Butler writes in his introduction. “We listen to small fictions like nightsounds from afar.” Discover some haunting voices for yourself this fall.

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