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We’re proud to announce our new class of writers! Interested in joining them? Applications for Fall 2017 are due August 1st. For more information contact us at palmdesertmfa@ucr.edu

Sarah Brogren
currently lives on the Central Coast of California. Not a California native, she was born in northern Illinois and grew up surrounded by family and enjoyed making weekly visits to the local Swedish bakery with her grandparents. During the summer before her fourth-grade year, her family made the first of many interstate moves; this time to Virginia. Stops in South Carolina and Kansas followed with a final stop in California 15 years ago. Her college career was as all over the map as her childhood, as she attended five colleges and declared seven majors before finally deciding to pursue a subject she was really excited and passionate about:  English. The power of story and language combined with a love of analyzing to uncover greater meaning drew her to complete a BA and MA in the subject with the aim of becoming a college professor, but ultimately, she decided to pursue a job outside of education. She now has a day job in an administrative capacity for a local wealth management office. Outside of work, Sarah enjoys spending time with her family and friends and activities such as traveling, playing and watching sports, going to the movies, reading a good book, drinking lattes, and taking advantage of being so close to wine country. Sarah is excited to get started in the MFA program continue pursuing a career that marks a return to her passion—the power of story—through writing screenplays.


Annette Davis earned her BA and MA in English Literature from the University of San Diego. She has been a public relations director, a copywriter, and a reporter. Currently, she teaches English at the high school and community college levels. If she’s not reading or writing, then she’s thinking about reading and writing. She adores her too children and obeys her two cats.





Maria Duarte is a enthusiastic student wanting to learn as much as possible from life. Enjoys reading and writing poetry, painting and listening to music. Wants to be the best she can be as a writer and as a human being. Looking forward to the future and its possibilities.




Charli Engelhorn is a Midwesterner at heart, but she has lived her life mostly as a gypsy. An avid traveler, she has made her home in New York City, Maui, Breckenridge, and Moab before finally landing in Los Angeles, where she has broken her record of three years in one place by a year already. Although she thrives on urban life, she feels most at home on the open road and in the mountains. Her hobbies include reading, playing the fiddle, skiing, snowboarding, camping, hiking, cooking, volleyball, softball, and crocheting hats for her friends and family. Her first love is fiction, but she also enjoys writing plays and teleplays. She looks forward to being part of the UCR Palm Desert community and learning everything she can about her craft. She is mother to an adorable beagle/black lab mix, otherwise known as Jacopo, named after the loyal companion in The Count of Monte Cristo, one of her all-time favorite books. She is still considering a tattoo to commemorate the World Series Championship of the Chicago Cubs, but more than anything, Charli loves cheering on (ardently, it should be noted) her beloved Kansas Jayhawks during basketball season, a fact that both intrigues and terrifies Jacopo, especially during close games.

Mark Green
lives in the Washington DC area, moving back to the states after almost twenty years overseas.  Mark has lived and worked in Egypt, Australia, Singapore, Pakistan, India, Brazil and Poland.  He earned a Master Degree at the American University in Cairo then earned an MBA at the University of South Carolina and then a Master of Divinity at Reformed Theological Seminary.  He retired as an international executive with a major oil company and now works as President/CEO of a small non-profit in southern California where he still looks for any opportunity to travel overseas and hang out in new countries and cities.  He is still crazy in love with Lucy and a proud Dad of four adult children.


David Holloway was born in Her Majesty’s convict colony of Australia a couple of years ago. He has been fleeing authorities ever since then, in which endeavour he has lived in Hong Kong, New York City and now Singapore. Along the way, he collected Bachelors degrees in Law and Economics and an MBA, he worked in the music industry and he behaved appallingly. He also neglected, sadly, his true passion of making stuff up and writing it down. Now he’s very excited to be going to the big school to finally and comprehensively indulge these urges. David has three familial females in his home, all of whom speak Russian to each other to accomplish various sinister purposes (all involving Donald Trump) and to otherwise persecute him.


Michael Hood
was born and raised in Sacramento, California.  He received his BA and MA in English from California State University: Sacramento.  He also received a teaching certificate in English composition and taught at Sacramento City College.  In contrast with his studies in English, Michael also studied music and was classically trained in piano since he was eight years old.  If he is not writing, he is usually playing the piano.  While he continues to edit and tutor, he is grateful to UCR for the opportunity to pursue writing full-time.


Kathy Kron, author of Don’t Tell, Shades of Gray, Injustice and Blind Justice, is an Attorney who lives in Pennsylvania, with her dogs, Nikki and Casey.




Janie Le is a graduate of UCI with a degree in biology, but has been an avid reader since childhood.  She likes exploring myths, fairy tales, and folklore.  She’s excited to take this chance to explore stories and story-telling from as many different perspectives and literary traditions as possible.  Janie is looking forward to learning how to tell old stories for a modern audience.  When not reading or writing, she likes to teach students how to be better readers and loves hanging out with her cat.



Noah Lemelson is an ex-biologist (well ex-bio student with pretensions) turned speculative fiction writer. He went to University of Chicago where he spent the bulk of his electives writing short stories or studying monkeys. He is currently in the process of getting his first short story published, and hopes to eventually publish a novel (he’s currently hacking at the weeds in his first). His interest also encompass screenwriting and short story writing.



Nathania Seales Oh is an entertainment industry veteran with more than 22 years of production experience that started in front of the camera hosting a music video show (remember those?).  She went on to earn her animation stripes working on the groundbreaking series “The Ren & Stimpy Show” and has worked with such media giants as Sony Pictures Entertainment, HBO, and Cartoon Network /

[Adult Swim] where she was recognized by Cable FAX as Leading Women in Cable: One of 30 Women on the Move and won numerous Promax/BDA Awards. Oh spent her early years in the Cayman Islands and currently resides in Southern California with her five-year-old daughter and fellow Pepperdine University alumnus husband that she married 23 years after they met. Between travels abroad and cooking, Oh teaches the workshop Script to Screen she conceived for the Newport/Mesa Pro Literacy program. She has written poetry, short fiction, screenplays, children’s literature, and lately memoir.  Oh believes that humor and authenticity are the key to great storytelling and is thrilled to join the UCR MFA Creative Writing program to continue honing her craft with the goals of publishing her work and teaching at the collegiate level.

Anthony Williams
was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and has lived in Tempe, Arizona for ten years. He recently graduated from Arizona State University in Film and Media Studies, with a focus on Screenwriting. It’s quite the career transition, because he worked in the industrial field for almost twenty years. However, after advancing throughout technical and administrative capacities, he was still far from being happy and fulfilled. He enjoys exercising, watching movies, creative writing and storytelling, science fiction, and spending time with his twelve year old son. He’s enjoyed writing ideas and premises for stories and films for over a decade, and his imagination continues to roam the universe for more to ponder. He loves science fiction because of its ability as a medium to intriguingly provide discourse for a range of human, environmental, sociopolitical, and technological issues. He is currently working on a screenplay and considers the UCR MFA as an opportunity to fulfill his dream and advance as a screenwriter and a storyteller.


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