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sidewalkingOctober is looking like a big month for professor David Ulin. His new book, Sidewalking: Coming to Terms with Los Angeles comes out on October 6th, and news comes today that his next book will be out next spring, a novel co-written with  Paul Kolsby:

LA Times Book Critic and author of SIDEWALKING David Ulin and creator of THE ZERO MAN Paul Kolsby’s EAR TO THE GROUND, set in 1990s LA where news that the “Big One” is approaching, thanks to the mysterious Center for Earthquake Studies, propels a Hollywood producer to fast track an earthquake disaster flick so that it can premiere before the actual earthquake hits, while a seismologist wunderkind Charlie Richter, of the Richter Scale Richters, becomes the city’s only hope for survival, to Chris Heiser at Unnamed Press, for publication in Spring 2016, by Bonnie Nadell at Hill Nadell Literary Agency (World English).


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