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Dirty Laundry Lit: Love Sucks

Written By: Annette Scanlon This year was the first Valentine's Day in at least six (possibly nine) years that I was single for. I'm a committed kind of gal. Going into LA on the weekends is my new thing. When you're single, in your twenties, and know that you would otherwise be sitting at home watching episodes of Charmed and cuddling with [...]

Django Unchained — Review

Written By: Jenn-Anne Gledhill On Valentine’s Day, I saw the greatest love story on screen I’ve seen all year, and quite possibly, all decade: Quentin Tarantino’s “Django, Unchained.” This Valentine Massacre included all the schmaltzy greeting card symbols necessary for a proper February 14th:  exaggerated amounts of the color red (in the form of blood covering the walls like some [...]

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