Blast from the Past

The Olympics of Film Written By: John Rosenberg - Originally Published JUL• 02•12 Making movies is like running an Olympic marathon. There are many hurdles to cross until the finish line, and one of the final ones is mastering the color. Today I’m at the post house color correcting (or color grading, as some call it) a feature I’d edited. As [...]

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Start the Weekend…Write!

Time for some writing… on your mark, get set, go! ___________________________ POETRY PROMPT by Kari Hawkey Make a list of at least 10 wishes you have for another person.  My favorite ‘wish’ poem is by the late, great Lucille Clifton, “wishes for sons”. (You can find the poem at:  It is hilarious.)  Hopefully Lucille has provided some great inspiration.  [...]

Blast from the Past

Favorites Written By: John Rosenberg – Originally Published FEB• 13•12 The other day some friends and I were comparing favorite movie lists, something that can range up to a hundred, considering all the excellent films that have been made over the decades of this still young art form. The Writer’s Guild has its list of 101 best screenplays and the [...]

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