Blast from the Past

Poetry: A Religion? Written By: Lori - Originally Posted OCT• 17•11 For the past four years, I’ve taught sophomore English at a Jesuit college prep high school.  An odd destination for me, since I’ve been firmly planted on the religious sidelines for most of my life.  I was hired and about to sign my contract; I knew I still had a [...]

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Poetry Block

Written By: Mag Gabbert In my experience I’ve found that “poetry block,” as I’ll call it, is an entirely different beast than other varieties of writer’s block. When I sat down to write this post, for example, I didn’t know what I was going to write about…but it was a different kind of sensation than not knowing where or how [...]

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Start the Weekend…Write!

Time for some writing… on your mark, get set, go! ___________________________ POETRY PROMPT by Kari Hawkey Make a list of at least 10 wishes you have for another person.  My favorite ‘wish’ poem is by the late, great Lucille Clifton, “wishes for sons”. (You can find the poem at: http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/15601.  It is hilarious.)  Hopefully Lucille has provided some great inspiration.  [...]

Blast from the Past

A Glimpse into a Two-Poet Household Written By: Lori (Originally Published January 22, 2012) When I accepted the poems “It Takes More Than a Robin to Make Winter Cold” by Chris Pexa and“Postscript” and “Dear Richard Hugo,” by Melissa Cundieff for the winter issue of The Coachella Review, I had no way of knowing they were a married couple; it wasn’t until their bios came [...]

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Blast from the Past

Q&A with Rick Bursky Written By: Lori Davis (originally published September 17, 2011) After reading and falling in love with the poem “The Woman Not Wearing A Hat,” by Rick Bursky in the American Poetry Review (2004), I tracked him down and invited him to read in the poetry series I was hosting at the time.  That night after his reading, he [...]

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