Behind the Story- “Gun”

Written By: Ashley Reynolds Tim Tomlinson's story "Gun" appeared the last issue of The Coachella Review magazine. "Gun" is about a twelve year old boy named Cliff who gets into trouble when decides to open fire on light company workers. When his brother Wally rats him out to his parents, Cliff must deal with the wrath of his ex-militant father [...]

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Behind the Story-Wendy C. Ortiz

Written By: Ashley Reynolds Wendy C. Ortiz was recently published in The Coachella Review for her story “Listen.” “Listen” is a non-fiction piece about how music influenced her life as a young girl. Wendy is a marriage and family therapist intern in Los Angeles. Her other publications include The New York Times' Modern Love column, Specter: A Brooklyn-based Art Journal, and [...]

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Blast from the Past

The State of the Short Story: A Quick Chat with Josh Rolnick Written By: Cynthia Romanowski – Originally Published JAN• 18•12 I have mixed feeling about going to readings. Every month it seems like there are at least 2-3 readings around Los Angeles that I hear about. Though I dutifully mark my calendar and most times fully intend to attend [...]

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Blast from the Past

A Glimpse into a Two-Poet Household Written By: Lori (Originally Published January 22, 2012) When I accepted the poems “It Takes More Than a Robin to Make Winter Cold” by Chris Pexa and“Postscript” and “Dear Richard Hugo,” by Melissa Cundieff for the winter issue of The Coachella Review, I had no way of knowing they were a married couple; it wasn’t until their bios came [...]

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Behind the Story

Written By: Ashley Reynolds Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing Taylor Brown.  His story, “The Tattooist’s Daughter,” was chosen for the Fall 2012 Issue of The Coachella Review. The story is about a young woman who literally wears her heart on her sleeve, but still struggles to connect with her mother. Taylor Brown's short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming [...]

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