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Written By: Kari Hawkey

No excuses.  Write…

on your mark, get set, go! 



by Kari Hawkey

What is your favorite number?  

Go to Wikipedia.  Click on the random article button on the left hand side to the count of your favorite number. (Example, 7 times)  Now, write about the subject matter in that article.

*If you aren’t happy with the topic, click it one more time or click on the links within the text you are viewing.



by Cynthia Romanowski 

Write for 10 minutes about the worst thing your protagonist has ever done. Write for 10 minutes about the most pathetic feelings your antagonist has ever had.  Or… do this with yourself as the main character and burn the evidence if it doesn’t lead to a story. 


If there’s a book you really want to read,

but it hasn’t been written yet,

then you must write it.

~Toni Morrison






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