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Written By: Kari Hawkey

Prompt your writing… 

on your mark, get set, go!



by Kari Hawkey

Liar, liar, pants on fire, hanging on a telephone wire! Write a poem about yourself in which absolutely nothing is the truth.



by Redd Williams

Write about a family picnic. Where is it? Who is there? Get creative and don’t be afraid to allow the family to be ‘dysfunctional’.



by Lizi Gilad

“To be born has many meanings.  How many times we leave a life, enter a new one.”     –Lidia Yuknavitch

Think about all the different incarnations of your life; perhaps you’ve moved to a different country, perhaps your home has gone into foreclosure, perhaps you’re learning how to live without a beloved, or perhaps you’ve started a business.  Write a page describing the life you’ve most recently entered and a page describing your old life.  If you have not entered a new life within the last five years, write a page envisioning the life you’d like to enter next.



by Kari Hawkey 

Time to eavesdrop.  You assignment this week is to grab something to write with (a notebook, your iPhone, or even your laptop), head to a public location, and listen in on and record other people’s conversations.  Write down what is being said word for word.  Soon you will notice patterns, colloquialisms, and other factors that could make your screenplay seem more relatable or interesting.  This can also make for some strange inspiration for your scenes.  Best places to eavesdrop:  a bar, restaurant, nail or hair salon, waiting rooms, Disneyland lines, the food court at the mall, front office of a school, grocery store.  I find that if you use your cell phone you can pretend you are text messaging or emailing someone and it seems less like you are some crazy stalker.  Have fun listening in…


The difference between the almost right word

and the right word is really a large matter –

it’s the difference between

the lightning bug and the lightning. 

~ Mark Twain





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