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Written By: Kari Hawkey

Well, write already…

on your mark, get set, go!



by Kari Hawkey

Generate a list of 7 random nouns and then write at least two words that rhyme with them (or slant rhyme) – the more random and unrelated the better.  Use these words to create couplets and make sense of them in a poem.



by Redd Williams

Write about discovering a stray animal: dog, cat, horse, dragon, platypus, etc.  Would your character keep the animal, find a home for it, take it to a shelter, or get sucked in on an adventure?  If your character keeps the animal, give it a name and an odd ability: laser eyes, ESP, speech, the Midas touch, etc.  Be creative!



by Lizi Gilad

In Charles Simic’s memoir, A Fly in the Soup, the poet and essayist claims “one could compose an autobiography mentioning every memorable meal in one’s life, and it would probably make better reading than what one ordinarily gets”.  He continues this claim with a question: “Honestly, what would you rather have, the description of a first kiss or a stuffed cabbage done to perfection?”  Write one page describing your first kiss and one page describing your most memorable meal.  Utilize all your senses to bring each memory to life and when you’ve finished, decide which page makes for better reading.



by Ross Helford



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