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Written By: Kari Hawkey

Here comes some great ideas…

on your mark, get set, go!



by Kari Hawkey

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you are a child again. Try to remember the perspective you had on the world, the concept of time, and your naïve superstitions or spirituality.  List as many memories or ideas you can recall from this time in your life.  Use your notes to write a poem.



by Redd Williams

You and your sister are having an argument over who gets the last hostess cupcake, neither of you wants to split it. Why should you have the cupcake? What are your excuses? How do you convince your sister to give you the cupcake?



by Lizi Gilad

We allowed ourselves to get lost, reassured by the landscape of fruits and vegetables, the sharp sniff of coffee, the dust of sugar from the sweets on display, milled chickpeas, baskets of speckled beans, lacquered olives in stone vats.

 –Patricia Hampl, Blue Arabesque

Are there places left in the world where we can get lost? Following Hampl’s lead, let yourself get lost this weekend. You don’t have to travel to a foreign country to experience the unfamiliar; lose yourself in the little side street that calls your name, the grocery with unfamiliar comestibles and signs written in a language you don’t speak, the dark corner bar you’ve long wondered about. Get lost, soak up the experience, and return home to write about it.



by Ross Helford

Genre Bending Exercise

One way I like to generate ideas is by taking an existing movie, stripping it down to its essence, and re-imagining it in a different genre or context.  Let’s take, for example, Lawrence of Arabia, which when stripped down to its essence is the story of a great leader that inspired disparate tribes to band together and win a war.

How would this story work if it were set in outer space?  Or some Narnia/Middle Earth/Neverland?  What if it was set in high school?  Or the workplace?  What if it was a Pixar movie?

Now it’s your turn: take a movie, strip it to its essence and re-imagine it in a different genre or context and see what happens.


Every author in some way portrays himself

in his works even if it be against his will.

~ Goethe




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