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Written By: Kari Hawkey

It’s that time again…


on your mark, get set, go!



by Kari Hawkey

I think we have all wondered about what happens when you die.  If you are an atheist, imagine that you have died and discovered there is a god… and she is mad at you and Bill Maher.  Or, if you are a spiritual person, imagine that when you die there is nothing.  Nothing.  Now that you are totally depressed, write a poem employing this new found perspective.



by Redd Williams 

Two people are having dinner; one receives disturbing news about a family member and wants comfort and advice from the other.  What is the relationship between the two characters?  What is the big news?  Does the other character give comfort and advice?  If so, how?  If not, why?



by Lizi Gilad

Last week, you were prompted to get lost. This weekend the goal is to remain close to home and attempt, as Proust implores us, to see with new eyes. A snippet list is the key to more active, conscious noticing because the method allows you to scrawl notes as they arrive, freed from the constraints of left-brain logic.

No detail is too small. Consider, for example, Edward Abbey’s description of a breaking tree limb in Desert Solitaire: “somewhere a desiccated limb on an ancient dying cottonwood tree splits off from the trunk, and the rending fibers make a sound like the shriek of a woman”, or his description of a rainstorm: “not softly not gently, with no quality of mercy but like heavy water in buckets, raindrops like pellets splattering on the rock, knocking the berries off the junipers, plastering my shirt to my back…” 

Maintain your awareness pricked like an antenna for moments and details that snag your attention. Establish a number before you begin—say, thirty noteworthy details–and don’t let yourself settle back into hazy familiarity until you’ve reached your noticing goal. Then use your snippets to write a page about your day or your place.



by Kari Hawkey 

Think about a movie you enjoyed but where you hated one specific aspect (for example, you hated the protagonist, the setting, or the ending).  Brainstorm your ideas for a change.  Now, write a treatment using these changes and see if this can inspire a new project.


Writing is a struggle

against silence.

~ Carlos Fuentes



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