December Student & Alum Success

2018 was another amazing year for ye olde MFA program. Here's a roundup of what happened in December, culled as ever by our friend Yennie Cheung: Art Hanlon's essay "The Brilliant Present" has been included in the special mentions section of the 2019 Pushcart Prize anthology. The essay was originally published in NARRATIVE. Ashley Mag Gabbert's poem “Orangutan” was nominated [...]

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Our Fall 18 Guest Faculty

Every residency we bring out some of the finest writers and industry professionals in the business. This residency, our 10th anniversary, we're doing things a little differently: All of the writers are alums. And the truth is? We could do this every residency, no problem. That's why we've been in the game for a decade: our students go out into [...]

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September Student & Alum Success!

  Have you heard the news? Our alums and students are taking over the world. We know, we know, we say that every month...but did you check out September yet? The news is below. And, as ever, thank you to Yennie Cheung for her hard work compiling the news! Amie Charney taught a live webinar at Savvy Writers Con called [...]

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Welcome Fall 2018 Cohort: Student Bios

Sofia Arellano is an advocate, writer, actress, and budding historian.  Her master work lies in her upcoming novel Wild For To Hold, which centers around a first person narrative of Queen Anne Boleyn and her experiences with the intrigues, scandals, and politics of the court of Henry VIII. Her research has taken her to England to speak to Curators, view [...]

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Summer News!

  We've been on vacation...but we're back with a bunch of student publications, productions and great news... Thanks to Yennie Cheung for tracking all of this great success. August Amie Charney will be giving her graduate lecture "Not Your Grandmothers Bodice Ripper (Escalating Romantic Tension)" as a live webinar at Savvy Writers Con on September 14.   Ashley Mag Gabbert's [...]

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May Student & Alumni News

As we head into the summer, the pace of publications and productions from our students and alums moves forward unimpeded by the Earth's proximity to the sun...but then again, this is the Hottest MFA... Thanks, as ever, to Yennie Cheung for archiving all of this great news. If you have something to report, email us at Ashley Mag Gabbert's [...]

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Our Spring Residency Guest Faculty

  We're a little biased over here...but...we think we get the most talented, interesting, and invested guest faculty members every residency. This spring? Oh, we really scored. We have everyone from the winner of the National Book Award to an up-and-coming journalist to the poet laureate of Sacramento to someone who wrote jokes for Johnny Carson...and then all points in [...]

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April Student & Alum Success!

April showers bring...well, lots of publications and productions, looks like, as our students and alums have once again filled a years worth of accomplishments in just 31 days. If you have news you want to share, please pass it along to And thanks, as ever, to Yennie Cheung for cobbling together this exhaustive listing!   Annie Connole's essay "This [...]

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  It's not officially spring until the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books kicks off in April...even if the calendar says it's been spring for a month. This year's Festival is filled with amazing writers, performers, and, as usual, a bunch of your favorite UCR people, including our faculty, our students, our alums, scads of our guest faculty, and, more [...]

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March Student & Alum News

Another month of huge success. That's just how it goes... And, as ever, thanks to Yennie Cheung for compiling this list! Adam Sullivan's nonfiction piece was published in the TAMPA REVIEW. Anna Hozian wrote a two-minute PSA called Different This Year in support of March for Our Lives. Ashley Mag Gabbert's poem "Snow Globe" was published in BOILER PLATE. She [...]

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