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Our graduates are a pretty accomplished bunch, but only of them is, well, the most famous congressman on the Internet.

Omne trium perfectum

Or, as Mother Jones noted,  one of the few members of Congress who  is funny on purpose:

Takano, a Harvard grad and former public school teacher who began representing California’s 41st congressional district last January, is Congress’ first openly gay person of color. He is Japanese American, and during World War II, his grandparents and parents were removed from their homes and shipped off to internment camps. He is a fan of classic British literature and, evidently, the hit AMC series Breaking Bad.

Mark Takano Breaking Bad

“The congressman is a huge fan of the show,” Brett Morrow, Takano’s communications director, says. “I came up with this idea, and it just sort of clicked.” Morrow manages what he calls the “three-headed monster” of Takano’s official social-media operation; the other two heads are chief of staff Richard McPike and legislative director Yuri Beckelman. Together, the three thirtysomethings regularly brainstorm attention-grabbing social-media items to pitch to Takano. The congressman then makes his tweaks and will sometimes pitch his own ideas.

We can’t assure you that your MFA will lead you to a congressional seat…but we can assure you that you’ll know why Breaking Bad works so well. Applications for Spring are due Feb. 1st. For more information, please email us at or call 760-834-0926

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