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Are you ready to start the rest of your writing life? Applications for our fall 2016 class are due 8/1. Here’s what you need to have ready:

*25 pages of creative work in your chosen field (so: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or screenwriting). We always recommend that you send pages from the start of a project versus pages from the middle — if, for instance, you’re submitting a novel, memoir, or screenplay — as that way we can start reading your work without any sense of confusion.

*A Statement of Purpose & a Statement of Personal History. There’s a difference between the two, trust us. Your Statement of Purpose should tell us both why you’re pursuing your MFA and why you’re pursuing writing as a career. Your Statement of Personal History should tell us about who you are, where you’ve come from, what had formed you a writer. In both cases, we encourage you to be creative. You’re a writer — no need to be dry and academic.

*Three references. Don’t worry, you don’t need their letters. You just need three people who will write you letters after you submit. These can be former teachers, editors, writers, colleagues, or anyone else who might speak to your creative abilities. We recognize that most of you haven’t kept in contact with every professor you’ve ever had — that’s okay. We want to hear from people who know you now.

*Your transcripts. Again, don’t worry, we don’t need them today. But we need them shortly after you’ve applied, so if you’re going to apply, order your transcripts and get them sent to us.

And finally, if you’re confused, contact us. Email us at or call 760-834-0926 or 760-834-0928.

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