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Each day through February 1st, our upcoming application deadline, we’re taking a look at the faculty of UCR Low Residency MFA…today, it’s fiction professor Mark Haskell Smith. Here, however, Mark does a bit of investigative journalism of the Chili Pepper variety as he searches for a rather important bridge:

What bridge is Kiedis singing about? In a 1992 Rolling Stone interview with David Fricke, the singer refuses to divulge the location. “It’s downtown … but it’s unimportant. I don’t want people looking for it,” he said, perhaps uneager to have a new pop-music landmark emerge from one of his life’s lowest moments. When contacted recently, the band’s management refused to comment about the possible location of the bridge. We decided to look for it regardless.


And here, Mark talks about his book Heart of Dankness:

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