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Each day through February 1st, our spring deadline for admission, we’ll be taking a look at the faculty members of UCR Palm Desert — you’ll see them talking, you’ll read their work, you may even see them play a musical instrument or two. Today, take a trip with nonfiction professor Deanne Stillman as she goes on a manhunt, which she started first in her Rolling Stone her essay “The Great Mojave Manhunt” (and which was later anthologized in The Best American Crime Writing) and then continued in her acclaimed book Desert Reckoning…

Alone in his small trailer, Donald Charles Kueck had been singing a song. It wasn’t a pretty song, nor was it a song that the casual passerby would hear on the off chance that he or she was in the vicinity of the remote little abode. No, the weird and discordant tune emanating from the trailer, always calling, calling, calling for someone to come and put him out of his misery, was broadcast on a frequency few could monitor, its sound waves fading in and out of the radio dead zones that pockmarked the vast desert expanse.


Read the rest of this excerpt here.


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