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Mark Haskell Smith

Mark Haskell Smith talks about his latest novel, Raw, and dishes on the literary scene in a recent issue of Los Angeles Magazine

What makes book culture more pretentious than film culture?
It’s not all of book culture. It’s just the way some people are about it. For me, the novel is the height of human creativity. You’re putting your ideas into a format that when someone experiences it by reading it, it’s a really intimate act. It’s an amazing art form but the way people treat it becomes precious. I wanted to take a poke at these people who are book fans. They’re not unintelligent people but they start a literary blog and all of the sudden they’re “experts” and they’re holding other writers to ridiculously high standards. It’s all about their ego and not about the book. I saw a lot of that in the early days of the literary blog explosion. It was an irresistible target for me.

The verdict? The Los Angeles Times says you should go out and buy it this very instant. (We’re paraphrasing.)


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