Deadline Day


If there’s one thing writers should love,  it’s a deadline. It means they’re working. And getting paid, no less.  After all, Billy Wilder needed to write the iconic scene depicted above  from The Seven Year Itch (and memorialized in downtown Palm Springs) before it could come to life on the screen.  Which brings us to today, the application deadline for our spring class. If you’re applying for our spring class, today, February 1st, is your last day to get your application in.  Depending upon where you live in the world, it may already be February 2nd by the time you read this (we don’t typically get a lot of applications from Kathmandu, but, if you’re reading this in Kathmandou specifically, keep reading), but don’t despair: as long as it is February 1st in the Pacific Time Zone, you still have time.

And if you’re curious about what happens during our residency periods, spend a bit of time perusing the schedule from our December residency, which included visits from pretty much every writer in America.  And to apply, just go here.

If you have last minute questions, please feel free to email the program at Someone will help you. Yes. Even on a Saturday. Because we’re on deadline, too.

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