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Written By: John RosenbergOriginally Published FEB• 13•12

The other day some friends and I were comparing favorite movie lists, something that can range up to a hundred, considering all the excellent films that have been made over the decades of this still young art form. The Writer’s Guild has its list of 101 best screenplays and the AFI has its list of the hundred best films. But for brevity, I’ll limit my list to ten. And next week it might change.

For now, here it is:

Lawrence of Arabia
2001: A Space Odyssey
The Bicycle Thief
The Graduate
East of Eden
Dr. Strangelove
Midnight Cowboy
8 ½
The Matrix

I noticed there’s not Brando or Spielberg film on the list. For those I would add One Eyed Jacks (Brando) and Schindler’s List (Spielberg).

Now, I’d like to hear yours.

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