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…or at least quite a few books. This week, she reviews two new books in the Rumpus, Fridays at Enrico’s by Don Carpenter and Inside Madeline by Paula Bomer. 

Don’t write about writing. That gets said a lot. But like any absolute about what not to do, it’s only true until someone does it well. Such is the case with Don Carpenter’s Fridays at Enrico’s, his final novel, finished by Jonathan Lethem after Carpenter’s death. The novel follows a small group of novelists up and down the west coast as they pursue publication from the late 1950s to the 1970s. The story of Fridays at Enrico’s publication is compelling, itself; Carpenter’s work, especially Hard Rain Falling, garnered him praise and a devout following. His final novel–though a finished manuscript–went unpublished. Lethem, champion of Carpenter’s work, readied the manuscript for publication.

She also appeared on the latest episode of Literary Disco, talking about teaching The Stranger to high school kids…and a few adults, it turns out, too. 

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