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An excellent new essay from Cate Dicharry (Fiction 2012) in the latest issue of RoleReboot:

I am thoroughbred for Motherlove. My father and mother are each one of eight children, in the case of my maternal grandmother, eight children amid 12 pregnancies. In the case of her sister, my maternal great aunt, one biological child followed by seven miscarriages, several at full-term, and, eventually, two adoptions. I have three brothers and 51 first cousins. There are twins in every generation, on both sides of my family. The women in my bloodline carry, bear, and love their children with greed and verve. They are unapologetic and full in motherhood.

I am no different. I have always known I would want children. Four, five, six children. All the noise and enmeshment of immediate family. When I became pregnant I thought I had an idea of what Motherlove would do to me, what it would feel like to adore my baby. I’d been on the receiving end for 31 years, after all.


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