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andeeCongratulations to Andee Marzell Reilly who has sold her first novel, Satisfaction. Her hometown newspaper, the Ventura County Star, caught up with her to get the lowdown

“The idea came to me when I was buying tickets to a concert years ago to see the Rolling Stones. … I thought: What if I just clicked the purchase button for every single venue across the United States?” Reilly said. “Then I started to think about what sort of person would be willing to leave her whole life behind and follow the Rolling Stones on tour … and I came up with a woman who was seeking satisfaction on her own terms.”

Reilly began “Satisfaction” in 2008 while working on her Master of Fine Arts at UC Riverside. She spent more than two years writing the novel and the next two or so years revising and working with her literary agent.

The process took longer than she expected.

“I had moments of pain and moments of rejection, but there was never a time when I wanted to give up,” she said. “This story had to come out. After a while, I felt like I would be abandoning these characters if I didn’t tell their story.”


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