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Our students and alums publish constantly. It’s almost impossible to keep up with it all. So, here’s what happened over 30 days in May, an average month:
– Larry Handy has his story “1000 Paper Cranes” published in Quiddity.
Michele Lombardo has a short story called “Sublime Bosoms” in Permafrost Magazine.
Ruth Nolan‘s story from LA Fiction Anthology, “Palimpsest,” is a finalist for the Editor’s Reprint Award at Sequestrum.
Athena Strouble Lark talked with a book club about her novel, Avenue of Palms, which was the club’s selection of the month.
Dorothy Rice was on the radio for her book, The Reluctant Artist.
Maggie Downs‘s essay from Narratively, “I Went to the Hospital to Give Birth…And Tested Positive for Meth,” is BLOWING UP THE DAMN INTERNET (and the TV).
– Natashia Deon had an essay published on Buzzfeed entitled “My Son’s Lifelong Silence Has Taught Me To Listen.”
Liska Jacobs had her story “Childhood Resivisted” published on the Manifest Station.
Sami Jankins had at least two essays go up on YourTango and the Mighty.
Penne Berry Richards had an essay “The Art of Killing Time” published by Brain, Child.
Bill Ratner is racking up indie pub book awards for Parenting for the Digital Age: The Truth About Media’s Effect on Children and What To Do About It.
Kate Abbott did a guest post on Mental Motherhood about postpartum depression and her book, Walking After Midnight.
Max Gee launched her web series, Tales of Bacon, and also hit her Indiegogo fundraising goal so that they can make more episodes.
– Filming for Guy Nicolucci‘s Lifetime movie, The Stranger Inside, wrapped.
Colby Buzzell is in Esquire again, reporting from Rio.
– Sami interviewed professor Emily Black for the Manifest Station.
Xach Fromson has begun doing a column for the LA Times called Lit Pick of the Week (or LitPOW for short) and also had his debut review (of Joe Hill’s new book) published in the LA Times. His new Shades & Shadows Podcast is now live, too. 
Heather Scott Partington‘s has new reviews in Las Vegas Weekly, the National Book Review, and just about everywhere else, too. 
Stephen Jay Schwartz read at Skylight to promote LA Fiction Anthology, which also includes a story from professor Rob Roberge and the aforementioned story from Ruth.
Kristi Daune-Edwards Rabe had people in tears with one of her stories at the Coachella Valley Storytellers Project, which you can see here.

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