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Student & Alum Success!

This March will not here's what our people have been doing in this very long spring...because not even a vast global pandemic can stop our people from succeeding! (And thanks, as ever, to Yennie Cheung for tracking this goodness.) May & June A.E. Santana's short story "Neighborly" was published in Fright Girl Summer. AM Larks's short story "The Isle [...]

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Our Spring Residency@Home Guest Faculty

Matt Almos is Resident Director of Burglars of Hamm, an acclaimed theater ensemble based in Los Angeles that has been creating original comedies since 1998. We have been called “the Talking Heads of LA theatre” (LA Stage Magazine),“maybe the closest thing LA has to the Pythons” (Backstage) and “Los Angeles’ goofiest social satirists” (Los Angeles Times). He has served as [...]

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Spring Residency@Home Schedule

Recorded-Any-Time-Faculty Lectures: Bill Rabkin (S) Electric Gunslingers, Mutant Townsfolk and Christ in a Zoot Suit: How Genres Die and What Happens Next. It seems like every third movie these days is based on a comic book, but twenty years ago it would have been a romantic comedy, ten years before that a buddy cop film, and for the rest of [...]

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Welcome Spring 2020 Cohort: Student Bios

Rob Bowman moved to California five years ago from Denver, his longtime home and setting for his currently in-progress novel. His fiction has appeared in The Coachella Review, The Donnybrook Writing Academy, and the upcoming Palm Springs Noir from Akashic Books . His other credits include Modern in Denver, Book and Film Globe, and others. He teaches high school English [...]

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January Publishing and Production News

2020 is already off to a fast start! Here's what some of our students and alums got up to last month (and thanks to Yennie Cheung for her dogged pursuit of everyone's success). Adam Sullivan's essay "Princess" was published in Kelp. Anne Silva was named a finalist for the Hedgebrook writing residency in Washington. Ashley Santana's story "Tense" was published [...]

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A Year In The Life

Since 2010, about 350 people have graduated from this MFA program...and during that time, over 75% of them have published, produced, sold, optioned, or otherwise seen their creative work brought to public view. Many others have also found new careers in the arts, education, and journalism. And even more still are right about where they want to be, printing out [...]

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Fall Student & Alumni Success

Are you ready for an embarrassment of good news? Here's what the last few months have looked like for a just some of our students & alums: August A.E. Santana and Brian Asman spoke on a panel at Midsummer Scream called "Defining Horror with the Horror Writers Association" on August 3.   Alexandra Neumeister also spoke on a panel at Midsummer Scream [...]

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