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Our students and alums publish and produce and sell their projects…a lot. Like, constantly. It’s hard to keep up with all of the success stories in the program, which is why we publish a list every month, but here’s a huge round-up of some of the most notable new developments in 2018.

Thanks, as ever, to Yennie Cheung for compiling this list. And thanks to our students and alums for being so productive. You’re the lifeblood of this place, its past, its present, its future.

Adam Sullivan had an essay entitled “In the Shadow of Greatness” published in the TAMPA REVIEW. Another essay, “Chicken,” was published in CHICAGO QUARTERLY REVIEW

Amie Charney‘s short story “The Red” was published in AS YOU WERE. Her manuscript DRAWN TO LOVE won third place for Contemporary Romance in the Orange Rose Writing Contest.

Anna Hozian wrote a two-minute PSA called DIFFERENT THIS YEAR.

Anne-Liisa M. Larks was named the fiction editor of PLEASE SEE ME.

Annie Connole‘s essay “This Neighborhood: After the Election on Fascination Road” was published in ZIM ZUM.

Ashley Mag Gabbert‘s manuscript BLOW was a finalist in contests sponsored by Slope Editions, the University of Akron Press, and Black Lawrence Press. She had several poems published, including “Orangutan” (ANIMAL: A BEAST OF A LITERARY MAGAZINE), “Egg” (ANOMALY), “Rabbit Test” and “Fishbowl” (both in WHISKEY ISLAND), “Toilet” and “Birthday Cake” (both in GUESTHOUSE LIT), and “Bush” (STIRRING LIT).  Her review of Sarah Galvin’s UGLY TIME was published by GABBY. She was also named the interviews editor and a poetry reader for UNDERBLONG JOURNAL. Ashley also completed her Ph.D. at Texas Tech University and began teaching in the Graduate Department of Liberal Studies at Southern Methodist University and with Writing Workshops Dallas. She also started co-hosting the Pegasus Reading Series in Dallas.

Brian Asman‘s story “A Festival of Fiends” was published in the anthology LOST FILMS in August.

Bryan Burch‘s adaptation of DANTE’S INFERNO was read at the Island Shakespeare Festival in Langley, WA in August.

Carol Damgen‘s film THE INVISIBLE MAN was shown at NoHo Cinefest in February. She also produced stage shows of NOISES OFF and DISNEY’S BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. She also directed and produced a reading of INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE, a play by nonfiction professor Deanne Stillman at the California Theatre in San Bernardino.

Carol Park‘s documentary “Footsteps of Korean Americans” premiered at the UC Riverside campus on November. The JOURNAL OF GLOBAL AND AREA STUDIES of Pukyong National University in Busan, Korea, published her academic paper “Reflections on Migration and Economic Globalization: The 1992 L.A. Riots & the Korean American Community.” She was appointed a lecturer at the UCR main campus, teaching Contemporary Asian American Issues.

Charles G Thompson launched Pen & Paper Writing Workshops, offering classes in fiction, nonfiction (with Sara Marchant), and screenwriting (with Senta Scarborough).

Charli Engelhorn accepted a job with Education Unlimited teaching creative writing at a summer camp at Stanford.

Clarinda Ross‘s play LOVE, M. was published in both print and audio formats by the KENYON REVIEW. Her spoken word piece “Warrior Mommy Slays Dragons” (an excerpt from her play SPIT LIKE A BIG GIRL) was featured on ZIMZUM. Her play #GUNSENSE OR ILYSM was staged at the Region 8 Festival in Mesa, AZ and at the Los Angeles Theater Center.

Darlene Kriesel‘s article “Adapted Living: Style & Design” ran in LA PARENT magazine. Her article “America, Don’t Give Me a Gun: Love, a Teacher” was published in ARGOT.

David Zimmerle‘s essay “Meditations in a Surf Emergency” was published in THE SURFER’S JOURNAL.

Deedie Runkel‘s memoir SCONE BY SCONE: TALES FROM AN INNKEEPER’S LIFE was released in April.

Dein Sofley‘s story “Saving Sarah” was published by FIVE ON THE FIFTH.

Diana Love‘s poem “Cloth Box” was published in LITERARY MAMA. This was Diana’s her first publication.

Dorothy Rice published several essays, including “Living the Dream” and “Late Bloomers and Perennials” (both in BREVITY), “Prom and Other Stories” (LONGRIDGE REVIEW), “La Movida Madrileña” (BELLE OMBRE), “White Rabbit” (MEMOIR MIXTAPES), and “In Photographs,” which came in second for the Kalinithi Award. She also had several short stories published, including “Mud Under Glass” (COWBOY JAMBOREE), “Home Movies” (MOM EGG REVIEW), and “All Along the Wonder Wires” (CABINET OF HEED). Dorothy also became a staff member at 916 Ink, a literary nonprofit in Sacramento.

Douglas Wood‘s short story “Riverbend Anthology” was published by CONNOTATION PRESS.

Eileen Shields‘s film THE AMARANTH premiered in October at the Austin Film Festival.

Eli Ryder‘s short story “The Only Thing That Matters” was published in ON THE PREMISES in April. He accepted a full-time position as an English professor at San Jacinto College in Houston. Eli and John Flynn-York also launched their own literary journal called AUTOMATA REVIEW.

Felicity Landa was named the fiction editor of the journal LITERARY MAMA.

Francesca Lia Block released her memoir, THE THORN NECKLACE: HEALING THROUGH WRITING AND THE CREATIVE PROCESS, in May. She began working as the Assistant Visiting Professor in Creative Writing at the University of Redlands.

Gallagher Lawson‘s novel THE PAPER MAN was published in Turkish as KÂĞIT ADAM. His critical essay “An Epidemic of Violence in DESTROY ALL MONSTERS” ran in Ploughshares.

Gail Mackenzie-Smith had several essays published in PURPLE CLOVER, including “My R-Rated Childhood,” “The Pedophile Next Door” and “The Pleasure of Not Giving a Damn.” Another essay, “On Dying and Little Dogs,” was published by THE MANIFEST-STATION.

George Morgan took second place in Script Pipeline’s Great Movie Idea contest with ROCKET GIRL. He was also hired by Hollywood Animation Studios to write both a play and an animated film based on the life of Jimi Hendrix.

Grace Jasmine‘s creative nonfiction piece “Your Order Is Up” was published in THE HELIX. Another essay entitled “48 Hours” was published in MEMOIR. Her short play MOTHER, SON; FATHER, DAUGHTER, premiered on February 10 in Phoenix, where she also directed THE DRAWING LESSON by Andrea Markowitz. Grace was also named nonfiction editor for PLEASE SEE ME.

Guy Nicolucci‘s Lifetime movie KILLER IN LAW debuted in France, Italy, and Spain.

Heather Hubbard-Peace began working as an English professor at the College of the Desert in Palm Desert.

Heather Scott Partington‘s book reviews appeared in THE NATIONAL BOOK REVIEW, NEWSDAY, THE WASHINGTON POST, Minneapolis’s STAR TRIBUNE, and LAS VEGAS WEEKLY. Her interviews with authors have appeared in GOODREADS (Diane Setterfield, Chloe Benjamin) and the LOS ANGELES REVIEW OF BOOKS (Deanne Stillman).  

Jaime Parker Stickle‘s story “My Insides-Out” was published in the 2018 ADELAIDE VOICES ANTHOLOGY.

Jalysa Conway wrote a second episode of GREY’S ANATOMY entitled “Caught Somewhere in Time,” which aired on ABC in March.

Jason Metz‘s first play, TRANSMISSIONS FROM FISH CITY, premiered at Club Passim in Cambridge, MA in October.

Jeff Girod was named the director of communications for UCR’s College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.

Jeff Meyers‘s movie MIMESIS: NOSFERATU screened in December 8 at the Fanta Festival in Rome. Jeff also won Filmaka’s Fantasy Web Series competition with THE CROOKED TOWER. His script THE EXCHANGE also won the Cinequest Film Festival‘s screenplay competition. His short story “The Museum of Broken Relationships” was published in THE CAROLINA QUARTERLY.

Jenn-Anne Gledhill resumed her column OLD SINGLE MOM for CHICAGO NOW. Several of her pieces were named the publication’s top monthly stories.

Jenny Hayes‘s story “Going to Lake Anza” was published in GEOMETRY.

Jo Robbins received a full-time, tenure-track position Phoenix College.

JoAnn Chaney sold the film rights for her second novel AS LONG AS WE BOTH SHALL LIVE  to Made Up Stories. Her first book, WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW, was released in paperback in the UK and the US. It was also published in France on May 16 by Les Presses de la Cité under the title SEPT ANS DE SILENCE and in Italian as LE COSE CHE NON SAI.

John Flynn-York reviewed THE RUIN OF KASCH by Roberto Calasso for FICTION ADVOCATE and GRAFFITI PALACE by A.G. Lombardo for the LOS ANGELES REVIEW OF BOOKS. He also interviewed Clinton Crockett Peters for THE RUMPUS. He was also named the managing editor of PLEASE SEE ME.

John Mattson’s story “Figure and Ground” won the 2018 R.M. Kinder Prize for Realistic Fiction from PLEIADES. His story “Eric Clapton’s Girlfriend” was runner-up for the Julia Peterkin Award for Flash Fiction, and appeared in the Winter 2018 issue of SOUTH 85 JOURNAL.

Jon Levenson‘s upcoming film SOMEONE WILL ASSIST YOU SHORTLY was featured at the Southampton Arts Center’s ART OF THE PROCESS series with a reading and discussion in August.

Julia Watson-Foster co-wrote GODFALL, a community-focused role-playing game that launched in November.

Kaitlin Hulsy‘s flash fiction story “Golden Wheels” was published by STORYLAND in April. She also began working as a lecturer in the composition department at Cal State University Bakersfield.

Karen Howes staged a reading of her play BAD MOON RISING at the Skylight Theater in Los Angeles in February. Her play STARRY NIGHT was read at the Palisades Playwrights Festival in Pacific Palisades, CA in April.

Kat Kiefer-Newman‘s essay “Tourist Rules” was published by BEAUTIFUL LOSERS. Another essay called “Baby Brother” ran in ADELAIDE.

Kate Abbott‘s article “A Good Place: Under the Sea” was published in THE OUTLINE.

Kathryn E. McGee and Yennie Cheung had excerpts from their book, DTLA/37: DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES IN THIRTY-SEVEN STORIES, published in ANGELS FLIGHT • LITERARY WEST. Kathryn is also the host of The Thing in the Labyrinth, a monthly horror book club at the Last Bookstore in Los Angeles.

Kendall Brunson released her short film GRAB THIS! in October.

Kit-Bacon Gressitt‘s nonfiction work was published in the anthology NOT MY PRESIDENT: THE ANTHOLOGY OF DISSENT (“At Risk of Drowning”), EVENING STREET PRESS (“Coconut Boy“) and DUCTS (“A Triangulated Dialectic“). She began teaching Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies at Cal State San Marcos this fall. K-B and Sara Marchant also published the first WRITERS RESIST anthology, which includes work by David Martinez, Jason Metz, Katie Thomason Charles G. Thompson, UCR professor David Ulin, and Laura Jo Provost (her first publication in poetry).

Kristi Rabe‘s essay “Dear Man Whose Name I Forgot” was published by HERSTRY, and another essay entitled “What You Need to Know” was published by WRITERS RESIST.

Larry Handy‘s essay “Seeking Freedom in My Old Griefs: An Essay in Seven-year Intervals” was published in Issue 9 of COG. His Pushcart nominated essay “What to Do When Grandma Has Dementia” was reprinted in PROXIMITY.

Lee Michael Cohn‘s film BACHELOR LIONS premiered in Hollywood at the Cinerama Dome in January.

Leigh Raper‘s essay “Righteous Breaks” was published in ANGELS FLIGHT • LITERARY WEST.

Lilliana Winkworth‘s web series KILL ME premiered in February.

Lia Langworthy began working as a writer for the CBS soap opera THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS; her first episode with the show aired in May. Her essay “Memento” was also published in MUTHA. She also announced that she will be working on the new NBC show THE INBETWEEN. Lia was also a finalist for Ron Howard and Brian Grazer’s Imagine Impact program.

Lisa Quigley‘s first published short story, “Redemption,” ran in AUTOMATA REVIEW. Another short story, “Birth,” was published in UNNERVING‘s special Stephen King-themed issue. She accepted teaching jobs at Union County College in Cranford, NJ and the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. Lisa and Mackenzie Kiera also started their own podcast, LADIES OF THE FRIGHT, which debuted in February.

Liska Jacob‘s essay “Grief and Recovery in Thousand Oaks” was published in LIT HUB. She also contributed an entry to WORK IN PROGRESS’s Developing Stories series and Naomi Huffman’s “How to make a book” guide for MCD/FSG.

Lucio Rodriguez‘s story “Q-bit” appears in the anthology 18 WHEELS OF SCIENCE FICTION, which was released in November.

Luke Yankee‘s memoir JUST OUTSIDE THE SPOTLIGHT: GROWING UP WITH EILEEN HECKARD is now available in paperback through Back Stage Books. He also began teaching Film Appreciation at Citrus College in Glendora, CA. He served as a director and/or talent coordinator for several theater productions, including SEUSSICAL , FIVE WOMEN WEARING THE SAME DRESS, and the Actors Fund’s final episode reading of SCANDAL in Hollywood.

Mackenzie Kiera‘s essay “The Colors of Her Life” was published in THE MANIFEST-STATION, and another essay called “When I Believed I Was Simply ‘Not Smart’” was published in THE MIGHTY. She also reviewed several books for DWARF + GIANT, including THE GIRL IN THE TOWER by Katherine Arden. She joined the professional communications faculty of Western Governors University in October.

Maggie Downs had two humor pieces in MCSWEENEY’S: “Discover Your Bathroom!” and “Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’ as Written by Walt Whitman.” Her essay “What to Expect When You’re Unexpecting” was published in February by MOTHERWELL (later picked up by Gannett) and became one of MOTHERWELL’s most popular essays of 2018. She also published articles in PALM SPRINGS LIFE (“Music and Magic in the Mojave” and “Down the Rabbit Hole“). She also sold her memoir ROAM: THE TRIP OF MY DYING MOTHER’S LIFETIME to Counterpoint Press.

Marion Ruybalid‘s essay “The Opposite of Family Planning” was published in BLUNT MOMS. Another essay entitled “Unrealistic Birth Plans and My Reality Check: On Giving Birth to Baby Number Five” was published by MUTHA.

Mark Johnson had several articles published in TASK AND PURPOSE, including “This Army Vet Died of an Overdose in His Jail Cell. He Deserved Better Than Laughter” and “A Message To The High School Teacher Who Called Service Members The ‘Lowest Of Our Low.’

Rep. Mark Takano penned an opinion piece for NBC NEWS called “Trump’s family separation policy echoes my family’s World War II internment. That damage lasted decades.” He also was successfully re-elected to another term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Martin Cossio‘s essay “Fighting Gunfire with Gunfire: A True Liberal’s Take on Equipping Teachers with Guns” was published in CULTURAL WEEKLY. His untitled haiku was published in FROGPOND: THE JOURNAL OF THE HAIKU SOCIETY OF AMERICA.

Matthew Johnson announced a stint as a guest writer at GRIMDARK MAGAZINE, penning six articles for the online magazine. His short stories “Plainswalker” and “Death Becomes Him” were published in the BLACKEST KNIGHT anthology in June.

Max Gee‘s six-part webseries TALES OF BACON launched in January with a re-release of the pilot episode, “Witch.” The pilot was also screened at the REEL WOMEN female filmmakers event in Cambridge, UK. Her short film TERMINAL premiered in York in November. Her play SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE SPECKLED BAND was produced by the Genesian Theater in Sydney, Australia in April and May. Her interactive theater piece ROBOT OR HUMAN: YOU DECIDE was performed as part of the Festival of Learning at Bournemouth University in June. She completed her Ph.D. in Screenwriting at the University of York.

Michael Morshed‘s short story “Tennis” was published on the Akashic Books website.

Michele Lombardo‘s short story “Animatronics” was published in COSMONAUTS AVENUE.

Michelle Castillo was named one of PALMS SPRINGS LIFE’s 2018 Women Who Lead, and she won the LGBTQ Emerging Voice award from Palm Springs Pride. Her poem “Aunt Virgie” was published in EAST JASMINE REVIEW and displayed at the Ontario City Library during National Poetry Month.

Natashia Deón sold her second book, THE PERISHING, to Counterpoint Press. She also published an article called “Drunk-Girls Bible Study,” about her new podcast of the same name, in LENNY LETTER. She also served as a guest faculty member at Antioch University’s MFA program during the fall.

Nathania Seales Oh‘s essay “Orange Is the No Black” was published in print by COAST MAGAZINE and online at the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER.

Pam Munter‘s memoir AS ALONE AS I WANT TO BE was published by Adelaide Books on November 6. She had many nonfiction pieces published, including essays in the SCARS PUBLICATION anthology NATURAL LIGHT (“Beverly Park”), THE ADELAIDE VOICES ESSAY ANTHOLOGY (“Becoming a Real Girl”), THE WRITERS NEWSLETTER (“Honeymoon Jitters” and “Thoughts on Being a Memoirist“), THE CREATIVE TRUTH (“Passing It On”), and THE REMINGTON REVIEW (“Dear Adam” and “Dear Past Me“). Short stories published and/or reprinted include “Frances” (in FICTION ON THE WEB and SCARLET LEAF REVIEW) and “Phantom at the Table” (FURTIVE DALLIANCE).  Readings of her play THAT SCREWY, BALLYHOOEY HOLLYWOOD were staged in Rancho Mirage, CA in October and in Minneapolis in April. Her one-act play, MADELYN, was staged at New York’s Secret Theater in July.

Precious Rasheeda Muhammad‘s essay “Never Again: Why We Must Vote” was published in LIT HUB. She also taught a four-week course with Antioch University entitled “Writing the Community: Write to Effect Change!

Ruth Nolan‘s poetry collection, BADWATER, was named a finalist for the 2018 Hilary Gravendyk poetry award. Ruth also served as co-editor of and contributor to FIRE AND RAIN: ECOPOETRY OF CALIFORNIA. She won the Los Angeles Poetry Society’s Womyn’s Month Poetry Contest with her poem “Mopping Up” and received the Phi Kappa Phi Love of Learning Award for her book and multimedia project FIRE ON THE MOJAVE: STORIES FROM THE DESERTS AND MOUNTAINS OF INLAND SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. She wrote several articles including “Iconic desert writer Edward Abbey remembered in 50th anniversary celebration” (Riverside’s PRESS-ENTERPRISE and San Bernardino’s SUN TELEGRAM) and “Are We Loving the Desert to Death?” (DESERT SUN).

S.H. Mansouri had several short stories published, including “By Bread Alone” (AUTOMATA REVIEW), “Squab” (SPECULATIVE 66), “Inside the Glass” was ( SPECULATIVE CITY), “Ethereal Things” (OUTLOOK SPRINGS), and “What Machines Don’t Know Won’t Hurt” (the anthology THE INTERNET IS WHERE THE ROBOTS LIVE NOW). His story “Beyond the Great Divide” (from CIRSOVA) was named a finalist in the Ursa Major Awards for best short fiction.

Sandy Smith‘s story “The Werewolf of Kaltenbrun” was published by SKY ISLAND JOURNAL. Her first published nonfiction piece, “The Muse Is a Cat Lady,” was printed in BREVITY.

Sara Marchant‘s novella THE DRIVEWAY HAS TWO SIDES was published in July by Fairlight Books. Her memoir, PROOF OF LOSS, has been picked up by Otis Books. She also had an essay in DESERT magazine called “Time passes slower in the desert, but grief does not,” a story called “People, Continued” in JEWISH FICTION, and a short flash piece in ESSAY DAILY’s “What Happened on June 21, 2018” project.

Sarah Sheppeck produced and starred in the rock opera ELTON LEE ROTH & THE SOUL SISTERS OF LOVE, which premiered at MAGICOPOLIS in February in Santa Monica, CA.

Shaun Sanders published two books under the name Ray Swift: KILLING FLOOR and THE TELL.

Shawnacy Kiker‘s poetry chapbook UNTITLED STATES was published in May by Dancing Girl Press.

Stephanie Kotin‘s poem “Voodoo Economics” was published in WRITERS RESIST.

Stephen Jay Schwartz served as editor of HOLLYWOOD VS THE AUTHOR, which was published by Rare Bird Books in November.

Suzy Fincham-Gray‘s memoir MY PATIENTS AND OTHER ANIMALS was released in April from Spiegel & Grau.

Theresa Corigliano began teaching a TV/Film class called The Professional, Successful Screenwriter: Career Coaching for UCLA Extension in the fall. She also began teaching Effective Writing for Strategic Public Relations at USC’s Annenberg School.

Tiffany Hawk‘s story “You Deserve More” was released in the collection HONG KONG NOIR in December. She interviewed the book’s editor, Susan Blumberg-Kason, for THE RUMPUS.

Tom Gianakopoulos‘s article “The Center of Documentary: A Windy City-Style Education at Columbia College Chicago” was published in DOCUMENTARY.

Tracy Granzyk launched the Center for Healthcare Narratives out of the MedStar Institute for Quality & Safety in Washington DC. She also created PLEASE SEE ME, an online literary pub for healthcare narratives.

Trai Cartwright began teaching screenwriting at Western State University’s low-residency MFA program.

Travis Hedge Coke‘s story “Ceded Reach” was published in RIVERBABBLE.

Tyrell Johnson Johnson‘s debut novel THE WOLVES OF WINTER was published by Simon & Schuster (Canada), Scribner (US), and HarperCollins (Germany) in January, and it was later translated into Czech. He also penned an article called “‘Writing The Wolves of Winter:’ How I Turned A Quagmire of Questions Into My First Novel” for BOOK TRIB.

Will Rian had a story entitled “Electric Jesus” in STATEMENT MAGAZINE in April.

Xach Fromson expanded his Shades and Shadows reading series to Seattle in June with a reading featuring Tyrell Johnson and Annette Fuller.
Yennie Cheung accepted a job with Education Unlimited teaching creative writing at a summer camp at UCLA.

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