January Publishing and Production News

2020 is already off to a fast start! Here's what some of our students and alums got up to last month (and thanks to Yennie Cheung for her dogged pursuit of everyone's success). Adam Sullivan's essay "Princess" was published in Kelp. Anne Silva was named a finalist for the Hedgebrook writing residency in Washington. Ashley Santana's story "Tense" was published [...]

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A Year In The Life

Since 2010, about 350 people have graduated from this MFA program...and during that time, over 75% of them have published, produced, sold, optioned, or otherwise seen their creative work brought to public view. Many others have also found new careers in the arts, education, and journalism. And even more still are right about where they want to be, printing out [...]

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Fall Student & Alumni Success

Are you ready for an embarrassment of good news? Here's what the last few months have looked like for a just some of our students & alums: August A.E. Santana and Brian Asman spoke on a panel at Midsummer Scream called "Defining Horror with the Horror Writers Association" on August 3.   Alexandra Neumeister also spoke on a panel at Midsummer Scream [...]

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Our Fall Residency Schedule

Oh, it's going to be a time! If you're a prospective applicant and you're interested in sitting in for the day, please contact us at to set up your visit. Here's our schedule for December...which may change slightly in the next few days...but this will give you a great view of what's to come! Fall Residency Schedule December 6-15th [...]

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Announcing Our Fall Guest Faculty

Each residency, we're joined by about two dozen top writers, editors, producers, agents, and industry professionals to work with our MFA students -- and this fall, well, it's an All-Star Team! If you're interested in applying, you should come visit for a day! We'll even give you lunch. For more information contact us at Chelsea Marelle Benson came to [...]

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Introducing Our First Writers-in-Residence

Founded in 2008, the Low Residency MFA @ UC Riverside has distinguished itself by combining the craft of writing with the reality of sustaining a life in the arts -- the goal of our students is to not merely learn how to write; it is to learn how to sell what they write, to earn a living from their art. [...]

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Welcome Fall 2019 Cohort: Student Bios

Lynn Grant Beck was born in Montclair, New Jersey. Her latest project, a sci-fi TV series, Fuzion, is currently out to market. Her last project, Hashers, is a TV series she was hired to create by Google VP, Jim Kolotouros. Her TV movie thriller, My Mom is a Bank Robber, aired on Lifetime in 2016 and her TV movie [...]

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July Student & Alum News

Talent doesn't take time off...or at least the talented folks from our program don't! Here's what some of them were up to in July. (And thanks, as ever, to Yennie Cheung for keeping track!) Amy Reardon's interview with Tracy Strauss was published in The Rumpus. Ashley Mag Gabbert's sonnet "Robin" was published in the Fiolet & Wing: An Anthology of [...]

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June Student & Alum Success!

It was another big month for our students and alums! Here's just a taste of some of the big news from the last month...and thanks, as ever, to Yennie Cheung for compiling it all! Amy Reardon's interview with Christian Keifer was published in THE ADROIT JOURNAL.   Ashley Mag Gabbert's interview with Jane Wong was published in UNDERBLONG—her first for [...]

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Spring Student & Alum Success

It's been a super busy spring for our students alums. Here's just a taste of what they were doing in this spring. Thanks, as ever, to the official archivist Yennie Cheung! March Amie Heasley Charney announced that she will perform her essay "Laundry Day Blues" as part of the show LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER on May 11. The event takes [...]

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