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Professor at Shandong University, Weihai, Travis Hedge Coke is Native of mixed descent, born in North Carolina. An alumn of California Institute of the Arts, IAIA, and graduate of Northern Michigan University and University of California Riverside, Hedge Coke has been a Soul Mountain and Weymouth Center fellow and Kimmel Harding Nelson resident and is a Pushcart nominee for 2014. He has written for page, screen, and stage, as well as performing readings and displaying visual art in many venues around the world. Publications include the novella, Fragments of a Lesser, as well as selections in anthologies including The Willow’s Whisper, (r)evolve, and A Sense of Regard. Hedge Coke is associate editor of Sing: Poetry of the Indigenous Americas, founding editor of Future Earth Magazine, and writes a weekly column for The Comics Cube.

* Associate Editor of Sing: Poetry from the Indigenous Americas

* Columnist for The Comics Cube (

* Have recent writing in Yellow Medicine Review, Pirene’s Fountain, The Asian American Literary Review, Fulcrum and forthcoming in A Sense of Regard, from University of Georgia Press.

*Selected poetry has been translated into Hungarian and Chinese for publication in those markets.