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Trai Cartwright  is a  20-year entertainment industry veteran who grew up in Colorado. She attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts film school, then headed for LA. Like most there, she had “parallel careers:” while toiling as a screenwriter (she was optioned four times and repped by CAA), she also produced three independent movies (Dinner Rush, Trap, and Offshore) and worked as a content creator in various capacities. Mentored by producer Peter Saphier (Deerhunter; Scarface), she was promoted to Development Executive for Prelude Pictures (Lost in Space; Black Dog), and went on be the Director of Leonardo DiCaprio’s online entertainment endeavors. As a Story Editor, she has read tens of thousands of screenplays for HBO, Paramount Pictures, New Line Cinema, and Universal Studios. Her last corporate gig was as the Manager of 20th Century Fox’s Mobile Studios.After returning to Colorado, she pursued an MFA in Fiction and Screenwriting at the University of California, Riverside, and has taught screenwriting, creative writing, and film studies across the Front Range for universities (UNC, FRCC, LCCC, Osher at CSU), writers groups, conferences, and one-on-one.